Video not DVD?

I’ve had an order from a customer who was expecting physical DVDs. To avoid confusion, I have now removed references to DVD downloads, and it now reads Video Downloads. I do have very limited stock of physical DVDs, but Drawer Making is now out of stock (permanently) and only a couple Plane Sharpening DVDs left. These are first come first served, so please message me via the contact page to enquire.

Stock of remaining DVDs as of 13/11/2022

The Through Dovetail 6
The Mortice & Tenon Joint 7
The Knuckle & Ruler Joints 6
Plane Sharpening 1
Precision Planing 3
Drawermaking & Fitting *out of stock*
The Secret Mitre Dovetail 6
5 Topics 6
Chisel Techniques 15
Precision Preparation 9
Precision Shooting 6

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