The Through Dovetail


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Dovetails are a fascinating form of joinery with numerous variations. In this video, David Charlesworth focuses on various methods and techniques to create the traditional through dovetail.

David shares how to best prepare and mark the wood to set you up for better fitting joints. See how a few simple jigs and fixtures can help you throughout the dovetailing process. You will also learn the critical areas to check and how to correct common errors as they arise. David explores the subject in depth, offering a level of insight even seasoned dovetailers will appreciate.

David Charlesworth has taught woodworking since 1973 and is widely respected in England as a writer for Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine. His specialty is getting the most out of hand tools in precise and original ways.


1. Introduction

2. Timber Preparation

3. Shooting Ends

4. Designing the Joint

5. Marking the Joint

6. Dovetail Saws

7. Removing the Waste: Jewellers Saw

8. Chopping the Shoulder Lines

9. Cleaning the Shoulders

10. Rigorous Checking

11. Correcting Errors

12. Transfer

13. Bevel Theory

14. Gauging Pin Board

15. Bandsaw for Dovetails

16. Hand Sawing Pins

17. The Jewellers (Fret) Saw

18. Paring Pin Sides

19. Chopping Shoulder Line

20. Cleaning the Corners

21. Checking

22. Using Light to Check Fit: A Cunning Plan

23. Glue Up

24. A Neat Repair

25. Planing the Exterior

26. Edge Planing

27. Final Words

191 minutes. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2019. Video download.


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