Hand tool Techniques Videos 1&2

We have had a few request for the original Hand tool Techniques 1 & 2 videos, so they are now available to download. If there is limited interest, they will be withdrawn at some point. Please note, these videos were later reworked, and are available to buy individually on this site, and in the 11 video offer. (Please note the these Hand Tool Techniques 1 & 2 videos aren't included in the 11 video download offer).  

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Video not DVD?

I've had an order from a customer who was expecting physical DVDs. To avoid confusion, I have now removed references to DVD downloads, and it now reads Video Downloads. I do have very limited stock of physical DVDs, but Drawer Making is now out of stock (permanently) and only a couple Plane Sharpening DVDs left. These are first come first served, so please message me via the contact page to enquire. Stock of remaining DVDs as of 13/11/2022 The Through Dovetail 6 The Mortice & Tenon Joint 7 The Knuckle & Ruler Joints 6 Plane Sharpening 1 Precision Planing 3...

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