Hand Tool Techniques Part 1 & 2

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David’s first two DVDs were later reworked, but here is your chance to add the originals to your collection.

Note: Not included in the 11 video download offer.

Hand Tool Techniques – Part 1: Plane Sharpening

This first video explores David’s techniques for sharpening plane blades. Learn how to get a razor sharp edge in minutes, and how to camber an edge with confidence.

“Using these methods, two waterstones and a simple honing guide, novices can produce a razor-sharp edge in less than four minutes after a few hours of practise”

Plane Sharpening features:

  • Keeping your waterstones flat
  • Preparing the back of your blade
  • The Ruler Trick
  • Honing the bevel
  • Preparing a curved blade
  • Re-sharpening a curved blade
  • Fettling the chip breaker
  • Assembly of the blade and chipbreaker and setting up the plane
  • Outtakes

Video download. Running time: 75 minutes. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Inc.


Hand Tool Techniques – Part 2: Hand Planing

This video explores David’s hand planing techniques for precise, efficient preparation of furniture-size components.

You will be astonished by the precision that is possible with a well-tuned, sharp hand plane.

This second video explores David’s techniques for hand planing.

Hand PlaningĀ features:

  • Stop Shavings and Straight Edges
  • Datum Surfaces
  • Bumps
  • Face Edge
  • Wind
  • Thicknessing to a Guage Line
  • Planing End Grain and Square Edges
  • Placing a Knife Line
  • Bonus footage: Flattening your Benchtop

93 minutes. video download




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