Drawer Making And Fitting


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In this video, David Charlesworth shows the making and fitting of a first class, English Arts and Craft’s drawer. This exhibition quality drawer has an effortless, silky action for two thirds of its opening. It then tightens slightly in the carcase, preventing it from being inadvertently pulled out. The flush drawer slip with scratch bead, gives an elegant result, suitable for the storage of photographs and documents.

1. Introduction
2. Materials
3. Design
4. Preparation of Components
5. Shooting
6. Creating Drawer Slips
7. Marking Dovetails
8. Cut Tails with Bandsaw
9. Barrel Curve
10. Shellac Inside
11. Drawer Glue Up
12. Fitting Drawer Slips
13. Rout Rebates for Tongues
14. Fit Drawer Bottom Assembly
15. Initial Clean Up
16. Drawer Slips Glue Up
17. Clean Up
18. Carcase Construction
19. Fitting the Drawer
20. Final Details

162 minutes, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2015. Video download.


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