Tool Tuning

1. MY TOOLS DON’T NEED TUNING – most people start using a plane straight from the box and do not realise that even a fine and expensive plane or chisel can be radically improved by tool tuning. Sharpening, fettling and cambering a blade can result in much better results. An old plane would show an even greater improvement.

2. IT’S ONLY A SHARPENING COURSE – actually it is not just sharpening. Students also learn:
•Proper hand plane holding

•How to prepare stock by achieving flatness and squareness

•The importance of reference faces

•Accurate marking of stock using marking knife and gauges

•Use of the shooting board

•Basic controlled chisel technique

•The opportunity to discuss woodworking problems

3. IT’S NOT FOR BEGINNERS/IT’S NOT FOR EXPERTS – all skill levels are catered for on David’s courses. Many people think that they are too inexperienced to come on the course… we have had absolute beginners alongside commercial makers and all have been very happy with the level of teaching. Small groups of 4 or 5 students mean that everyone gets careful attention and an excellent result.

4. I CAN’T AFFORD IT – in the present economic situation this may be a real problem, but students get intensive tuition by a well-known teacher of high reputation in an established workshop, in a beautiful area of North Devon. Many past students have said that their woodworking has been revolutionised by the knowledge that they gained on the course and this knowledge is reflected in their making and lasts a lifetime.

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