Tool list

Suggested tools for 5-day tool tuning course

At least 2 chisels, more if you wish, one should be new. Recommended sizes 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ (12mm, 16mm, 18mm).

One bench plane, not larger than no.6. This can be Record, or Stanley, these will need more work. Veritas, Lie-Nielsen or Quangsheng will need less work.

One block plane, Lie-Nielsen adjustable mouth is my strongest recommendation, Veritas are also very good. Quangsheng are remarkable value ( Stanley and Record can be tuned up but it is debatable whether they are really worth the effort as they will never perform as well as a Lie-Nielsen.

It is essential to bring paper for notes. If you can bring a soft pencil for scribbling on wood, an engineer’s set square, 4-6″, steel rule, 6″, marking knife, (straight edge if you have one) screw drivers for dis-assembling planes and a honing guide – side clamping Far Eastern Eclipse type preferred, approx. £8 from Axminster. We have these here as well as a ‘ruler trick’ ruler.

Water stones and grinder will be supplied.

Please phone David to discuss the planes you intend to bring and whether you will need a replacement blade, 01237 441288. Between 6-7pm is a good time to call.

Stanley and Record Planes – If you want to fit a thicker, 2.4mm, high quality, Hock blade, (which is much recommended) this is best done during the week. Hock come in carbon steel which is the easiest to sharpen, and A2 steel which keeps you planing longer. The blades are available (with a discount of 10%) from Classic Hand Tools Limited Online Catalogue

Good alternatives are Quangsheng blades from where you will probably get a 10% discount if you mention this course.

Please note Lie-Nielsen blades are generally too thick to fit Stanley and Record, unless you buy original blades direct from their website.

Mortice & Tenon tool list

Mortice chisels ¼” and/or 5/16 “ (David can lend)
Bench chisels ¼ “, 3/8”, 5/8” or ¾ “
Chisel hammer or small mallet
Marking knife
2 x marking or cutting gauges, flat side out preferred
6” engineer’s square
Dovetail (David can lend) and/or tenon saw
Bench plane and 60 ½ block plane