Things to bring

It is essential to bring your own bench plane and a couple of chisels. The most useful bench plane in my opinion is a No 5 1/2 or No 5. Lower numbers are fine, the No 6 is heavier while a No 7 or No 8 can take a huge amount of time to flatten and are beyond the scope of this course.
Modern Stanley & Record planes are poorly made and though we can improve them radically, older ones are preferable. Lie-Nielsen planes require little work, Clifton a good deal more.
We can also tune up block planes. Stanley & Record numbers 60 1/2 and 09 1/2 are useful. Lie-Nielsen adjustable mouth and fixed mouth block planes are superb.
Old chisels are fine as long as the flat side is not badly rust pitted or worn convex in the length. I have some Japanese bench chisels if you would like try one.
Optional tools to bring if you have them are; engineers set square, marking knife, steel rule, marking gauge(s) and honing guide. Note book and pencils are essential. It is always interesting to see photos of your work, plans or work in progress!
Please discuss any tool problems with me, well before you arrive. I may be able to order planes, replacement blades or chisels for you if there is sufficient time. Some Japanese chisels and saws, bought through me – have a significant discount. Tool list