“I’ve occasionally managed to get my tools sharp (or so I thought) so I know what a joy it is to use sharp tools and what they can achieve. But this has been at the expense of an inordinate amount of time. The result – I don’t sharpen my tools often enough and in a consistent way. So I was looking for a course that concentrated on tool sharpening and tuning. David’s course seemed to fit the bill and I’d seen some of his videos and was impressed by them. I booked myself on the course and it more than lived up to my expectations, much more.
David is an excellent teacher, clear and concise. But above all it’s his thoughtful and analytic approach to things that I liked. I came away understanding not only how to tune and quickly sharpen my planes and chisels, but why I was doing it in a particular way, the sharpening angles I might choose for particular situations and how the tools are used. My sharpening has been elevated to a level I didn’t think possible. For instance, today I was adjusting the fit of a mitre joint and achieving wafer thin shavings. No chattering and no effort. Pure joy. But just as important were all the snippets of information I gleaned. I wouldn’t have picked those up working on my own or reading books and watching videos.
There’s no substitute for a hands on approach under instruction from somebody who has seen all the problems before and solved them for you. This short note doesn’t do justice to what I learnt and I’ll be back next year to do the dovetailing course. On top of a very enjoyable week in the workshop, the setting is in a beautiful part of the country and has an excellent B&B next door, run by Merlyn, who made me feel very welcome and comfortable.”

Ian Knight