“If you want to learn a very good technique for sharpening and how to fettle a bog standard plane to take a shaving so thin it floats Mr C is the man. Go on his tool preparation course.

I learnt how to sharpen a chisel and plane blade, how to make an old (Stanley) plane take a 1 thou shaving and most importantly (IMHO) how to use these super sharp tools. Using a chisel for paring, more importantly using a plane – techniques for flattening a board, squaring an edge, removing wind. Everything I struggled with to get started in the world of wood got easy overnight.

Getting direct teaching from someone who knows what to do and why it works is the best thing I even spent money on! It might sound a bit silly, but I didn’t just learn how to do things – I learnt how to think about what I was doing.”

Sean Griffiths
Not affiliated to Mr C, just a very very happy customer