I apologize for my belated greetings. The covid has pretty well messed up everything here in the states as it has for you.


I have typically sent Christmas and New Years greetings to you in the past due to my great appreciation to you for your books and DVD’s. They really helped me to focus and vastly improve my tools and my woodworking. During my career as an engineer/scientist, I designed and built rocket motors and missiles, enjoying the application of mathematics and science. Woodworking was a hobby. Upon retirement I hooked up with a chap doing repair restoration and occasional reproduction of antique furniture. I can’tĀ  tell you the enjoyment I find in the advanced aspects of this profession. Your books were extremely helpful in turning a hobby into a profession with far deeper understanding of not only the tools but the techniques required to very successfully execute the highest levels of woodworking.


So……thanks again and I do hope you and your family are well and have a safe and very happy new year.