Strange coincidences

I have just sent off an article on wood movement to Colin for the January edition of F&C.

He informs me that Robert Ingham has also sent in an article on wood movement.

Then we open our new copy of Fine Woodworking magazine and there is an excellent article on the same subject by Chris Becksvoort.

This article includes a formula for working out the precise height clearance needed for drawers of different heights. This clearance is essential to avoid the drawers from swelling and sticking in humid hot weather. Deep bottom drawers migh need as much as 4mm or an eigth of an inch of clearance.

We had been discussing this type of formula in the workshop on the same day, as I have always had a little difficulty with the ones published in Bruce Hoadley’s excellent book Understanding Wood.

It will be fascinating to compare these articles. We ignore the facts of timber expansion and contraction at our peril and I’m sure none of us want to build self destroying furniture.

The back cover has a full page glossy picture of Richard Williams’ fantastic, Macassar Ebony writing desk and chair. This as a modern take on the Carlton House design. Richard’s workshop produces some of the finest modern cabinetmaking in the country.

The weather has been fantastic and unseasonal here, sun, low winds and clear air. I picked up 261 Cowrie shells from the low tide pools on a local beach on Saturday. It felt just like spring. I wonder if we will have a rare cold winter.

best wishes,

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