Short Course Dates 08 and Entertainment

Finally and regretfully, slightly later than advertised, short course dates for 2008 are now posted on my website.

They are available from late January, which is a departure from the usual schedule.

I go into a steep decline when asked to make these simple decisions. Trying to decide the form of the year ahead seems to shut down so many options for travel, late skiing deals, visiting other workshops & friends, new places and shows……………

The current day is about as much as my mind will happily cope with and calendars are complete anathema, as I invariably find myself looking at the wrong month or even the wrong year.

Do others have these dilemmas, or are they just the luxury of the self employed?

Anyway, the short courses of 2007 were good fun and I hope 2008 will be even better. The subtext here is that the course provider, who is paid to entertain the attendees needs a bit of entertainment as well……

best wishes,

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