Feedback from a successful student…

I’m compelled to share the joy I’m finding in knowing that I can now pick up any of my four finely tuned planes and turn out silky smooth, straight, flat, and square parts. Tonight I transformed four cabinet legs from rough jointer, table saw, and planer surfaces into oil-ready condition. What a revelation! Meticulously following your tuning methods, I have even turned my Bed Rock No. 607 into a fine smoother that scarcely needs the 5-1/2 or the 4-1/2 after flattening a long face edge. In one case, I did turn to the 4-1/2 and the blade with the back bevel you helped me hone onto it to remedy a minor local tearout –– plus a few passes with a No. 80 scraper –– but otherwise the 607 left a glassy surface. It’s hard to convey –– particularly to someone of your lifelong mastery –– how different it feels for me to move methodically and confidently through all the steps to work wood in this way, and for each of those diverse steps to succeed as I previsualized! Recalling my wobbly technique in your shop, you probably have no difficulty believing that this is new for me, but I’m finally getting it. It is deeply satisfying to see this happen through my hands.

I want to thank you for imparting these insights to me! I carry the lessons of my week in your workshop into every honing stroke, every light scrape of the tiny wood chip across the throat, and every thumb-down, fluid shaving. I know you’ve taught countless many with far greater talent in this world, but I want you to know that this one individual is delighted to be latching on to these foundational skills to the point where I can count on the results. It is no small thing. 

Bob  Jones

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