Curved Blade Jig fits Tormek

I have been using the new Jet curved blade jig on my large Tormek, to grind the subtle curve which I find so useful in practically all my bench plane blades. The results are very pleasing indeed.

My old method of grinding an embryonic curve, was to exploit the slop in the standard blade jig. This technique involved pressing hard on one corner of the blade while lifting the opposite corner. The lifting finger was rather exposed and had to be kept well away from the surface of the grinding wheel! The results were never quite symetrical or balanced as the support points of the jig are off centre.

The plane blade can be centred over the pivoting point of the Jet Jig and the result is perfectly symetrical. The amount of curve is set by two limiting screws. (I don’t think it will cope with scrub plane blades).

However for the subtle curves used on most bench plane blades it works perfectly.

Jet Camber Jig

The jig can be got from APTC in the UK

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