Classic Handtools

Perhaps you have seen my Chistmas round up of new tools for Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine, Issue 135?

I made a grave mistake by failing to mention that several of them are only available in the UK, from Mike Hancock of Classic Hand Tools

phone 01449 721327

Mike works extremely hard to find, import and promote these tools, at the many woodworking shows around the country.
If we do not support independent tool shops like his there will soon be none left, which will be an incalculable loss. (You may not have heard that Axminster have bought Brimark).

I also find it odd, that since Axminster took over the import of Lie-Nielsen tools in UK there seem to be very poor stocks of items that sell well at Christmas. Obviously I do not know the precise reasons for this unfortunate situation.

Anyway, I apologise profusely to Mike for my thoughtless assumption that every one else knows where to find those tools.


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