Hand Planing In Popular Woodworking

I am very pleased to see my hand planing article featured on the front cover of the October issue of Popular Woodworking. It seems to have created some splendid discussion on the Woodnet Forum, demonstrating... read more

Chisel Use DVD

I am excited about the latest DVD as it concentrates on techniques for chisel use. Chopping and paring are demonstrated; with single lap dovetail work, a hand cut mortice, using the method shown by Bob... read more

Curved Blade Jig fits Tormek

I have been using the new Jet curved blade jig on my large Tormek, to grind the subtle curve which I find so useful in practically all my bench plane blades. The results are... read more

Strange coincidences

I have just sent off an article on wood movement to Colin for the January edition of F&C. He informs me that Robert Ingham has also sent in an article on wood movement. Then we open... read more