Feedback from a student

Hi David, I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my time last week at your well equipped workshop. Having been a self taught woodworker for 40 years, I was quite unsure as to... read more

A letter from Paolo Rossi

From time to time one gets a letter or an e mail like this, raising the spirits to a huge degree. Writing is a solitary pastime, so it is particularly welcome to hear from... read more

Extra thick blades for Stanley planes

It is a pleasure to be writing for Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine again. My first article deals with plane tuning and the fitting of extra thick blades. You will see from the photo, that the... read more

Tearout & Turning

I am always rather jealous of woodturners as they are able to get the most wonderful finish on the most difficult of timbers. Just look at the tearout which my usual bench plane caused on... read more

New Chisels from Lie-Nielsen

Thomas Lie-Nielsen brought this long bladed chisel along to the recent Talking Tools event in Oxford. I think it will be of interest to those who like Patternmaker's Paring Chisels. They should be on... read more