Alan Peters Book

I am delighted to note that Alan Peters’ book
Cabinetmaking The Professional Approach is due to be republished in the autumn this year at about £20.

NB I have edited this page in the light of more up to date information from Jake, see comments below. Thank you Jake.

Apparently it is being updated by Betty Norbury.

I have found it disgraceful that the work of one of our most prominent makers should have been unobtainable for so long, and am glad that the position is being rectified.

There was much training, grant and government agency loan and college information, which needed bringing up to date.

For me it is the notes on techniques and the development of his designs over the years which are the most interesting parts of the book, but it also give invaluable advice to anyone considering setting up as a designer maker.

The publishers are Stobart and Son Ltd.,
67-73 Worship Street,
London EC2A 2EL

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