“It seemed to me that almost all of your methods, from the sharpening process itself to the techniques for squaring a board, are based on very simple, intuitive geometrical arguments and it was a real pleasure to see the systematic way in which you built these arguments into methodical processes. These really work, and they take the mystery out of matters that are often treated as mysterious. However, they don’t take the satisfaction away.”

Martin Runnacles
Short course student

Just a few words to thank you for last week’s course. I came away a true believer and totally impressed by the refinement of your work and appreciative of the hours, weeks and years of experiment and experience that has led to that degree of excellence.


“I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my time last week at your well equipped workshop.

Having been a self taught woodworker for 40 years, I was quite unsure as to whether I was going to get value from your course.

How wrong was I. I should have come a long time ago and saved myself an awful lot of effort in doing things in the wrong way when the traditional skills that you have shown me are so simple once understood. Equipped with my new skills, I have decided to retire my old and very battered bench and make a new one modelled on those in your workshop. I am busy tuning up my Clifton fore plane in anticipation of the task ahead.

Terrific value and of course great company with yourself and fellow woodworkers.

I shall be back.

Many many thanks and all the best to you and Pat”

Chris Ripper
Tool tuning course

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the tool tuning course last week. I was amazed at how much useful knowledge I gained in such a short time. I really feel confident that I can now improve the quality of my furniture making. As a self taught woodworker I now know what I have been missing all these years, sharp well tuned tools that work so much better. I also found the techniques you described and demonstrated very interesting. I would encourage any woodworker to do the course not just for the expertise but also it’s a great location.
Thanks again to David and Pat”

Adrian Smith
Short course student