I am finally putting pen to paper to thank you for an exceptional weekend in January. The process of sharpening has become a delight.
The workshop is the perfect location to absorb knowledge and develop future skills.
Having the ability to create the sharpest possible edge to my tools has made my woodwork even more enjoyable.

Many thanks


I’ve been making things from wood for about 50 years, but it wasn’t until I took 3 of David’s short courses at age 61 that I learned the precision and accuracy that’s possible from well-tuned hand tools. Previously I felt limited to the accuracy of my stationary power tools. Discovering the much greater precision available to me has changed the way I work; the resulting pieces are better, I make fewer compromises and less noise, and I enjoy it much more.

Craig Allison
Short course student

“I’m finally writing to you to say how much I enjoyed the course in June and of course can’t wait to go again next year. I particularly enjoy your company and teaching style and the level of technical precision which appeals to my “theorist” mindset”

Jim Linn
BA pilot trainer

“It seemed to me that almost all of your methods, from the sharpening process itself to the techniques for squaring a board, are based on very simple, intuitive geometrical arguments and it was a real pleasure to see the systematic way in which you built these arguments into methodical processes. These really work, and they take the mystery out of matters that are often treated as mysterious. However, they don’t take the satisfaction away.”

Martin Runnacles
Short course student