A letter from Paolo Rossi

From time to time one gets a letter or an e mail like this, raising the spirits to a huge degree. Writing is a solitary pastime, so it is particularly welcome to hear from the occasional reader, otherwise one might feel that there were none……… Many thanks to Paolo for allowing me to post this letter.

” Dear Mr.Charlesworth, First of all let me thank you for all your DVDs and books. After a long career in academia I have decided to have a rest (possibly permanently) from research and writing, and devote my remaining time and energy to working with wood. Your DVD lessons and books are excellent examples of first rate teaching. They are clear, concise carefully worded and therefore easy to follow. You reduce the energetic, inarticulate and rather chaotic demonstrations of others to logical economic and repeatable systems: reminiscent of, and I mean this in a very positive way, surgical operations. Sometimes writers on cabinet making rely on mystification when they are unable to explain some complicated technique clearly. Even worse they are not even aware that what they do instinctively is not obvious to the novice; as though one will suddenly be assailed by furor divinus and become proficient through some inexplicable process of enlightenment. Where others at times engender confusion, and have made me feel like giving it all up, your demonstrations have given me real encouragement and have been truly inspirational. For all this I am deeply grateful.

I look forward to learning from your new DVD.

With best wishes ”

Paolo Rossi

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