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The Long Courses

Starting in mid September, the 12 week, full time course teaches the basic principles of fine furniture making to a very high level. We will start at the beginning and assume no prior knowledge or skill. Everything necessary to build simple exhibition standard furniture will be covered. It is surprising how much essential groundwork can be covered in 3 months.

Your hand tool kit is tuned up so that the tools work as well as David’s. Sharpening is perfected and precision hand tool techniques are studied and practised. We then move on to machine safety, use, set up and maintenance. (The spindle moulder will only be covered in theory).

We then work through a logical sequence of exercises and mini projects, which are designed to reinforce these skills and build confidence.

David teaches for at least 3 hours every morning, 5 days a week and sometimes more. His courses are unique in that he has past experience as a designer maker but now chooses to give full attention to the small group of students. A maximum of four persons ensures a higher level of personal attention than most other workshops.

David is a respected author and teacher, both here and in the USA. His teaching methods have been perfected over a 30year period. Three books of collected articles have been published and sold all over the world while Lie-Nielsen, publish his “Hand Tool Techniques” DVD series.

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The Short Courses

Intensive, 5 day, full time courses are run in the spring and summer.

The ‘Tool Tuning and Skills’ course is much the most valuable. (Chisel preparation & sharpening, plane tuning and sharpening, marking out theory and plane use).

People are amazed by the improvement that it is possible to make to the function of their hand planes. Once sharpening and tuning have been perfected, the work gets so much easier.

Most Amateurs are struggling with tools, which should really be considered as a kit of parts and have not mastered the details of precision sharpening. The skills learnt during this week are a major revelation, and we can move on to more advanced techniques only when the basics are in place.

David strongly recommends that this course be completed before attempting any of the other ones. It is not possible to cut accurate joints without good preparation, perfect marking out and sharp tools. The short courses have been carefully planned so that each subsequent one builds on the skills of the previous one.

The course is suitable for beginners but is also equally useful for those with considerable experience. See the comments and video clips on the details page.

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